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I had given Dad my mandatory warning whimper when he took me in the garage at his brother’s house, but he wouldn’t stop fucking. All of Dad’s family were in the garden, just on the other side of the garage walls, so I whimpered as quietly as I could. So when Dad just kept pounding, I figured my whimpering had been too low. “Dad,” I whispered, scared to make any noise, “my boy liquid is about to come out!” “Shh,” Dad whispered back, but still he didn’t pause to let me hold back. I waited for him to tell me it was okay for me to cum, but he said nothing, and in the end I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I struggled to keep silent as my first orgasm in several months pumped the sperm out of me. At the same time Dad finally came inside me. He pulled out as soon as his unloading was done to let me clean the cock before it got soft. I looked up at him, relieved to see him smile. “Sorry Dad, but I couldn’t help it,” I whispered. “Never-mind,” Dad said and patted my head, “just clean up the mess before someone sees it.” He put his cock back in his shorts and went back into the garden.

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